Dog zones coming in 2020

At the request of the Executive Mayor Dudley Coetzee, the Overstrand Municipality, facilitated by Nature’s Valley Trust (NVT), will be conducting a 6-month pilot study in 2020 where beaches will be zoned in order to provide residents, companion animals and wildlife space to enjoy our sandy coastline responsibly.

The trial zones will be on beaches in Hermanus, Gansbaai and Kleinmond and each of these beaches will have a GREEN (off-leash), ORANGE (on-leash) and RED zone (no dogs).

The trial zones will be in effect after public commenting in January (details to follow).

Change of beach regulations for this trial period will be communicated on various platforms and new signage and maps will be provided to make the transition smooth and stress-free.

For all zones, dogs must be under the control of their owner and poop must be removed from the beach.

Please note that for the December holiday season, dogs must still be kept on leashes on all beaches.


Shorebirds are severely impacted by the presence of dogs on beaches; in some areas breeding success is as low as 10%.

This is not because they may get attacked and injured by dogs but rather because summer temperatures can heat up eggs to a point where egg death occurs within 5 minutes.

Shorebirds during this time incubate to keep their eggs cool - frequent disturbance of incubating parents off eggs can be fatal in mere minutes.


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