The area is demarcated into fourteen wards, each with a directly elected councillor. These councillors are assisted by a ward committee of ten members. Ward committee members are elected democratically. Provision is made for the representation of organisations as well as individuals. Ward committees play an important role in the drafting and reviewing of the Integrated Development Plan and the identification of budget needs.

Overstrand Municipality is a Democratic Alliance led municipality and comprises of 27 councillors. Fourteen of the twenty-seven councillors represent political parties on a proportional basis. This means that residents of Overstrand can also use political channels to bring matters to Council’s attention. Council has a speaker who presides at meetings of the council; the speaker also exercises the powers delegated in terms of section 59 of the Local Government; Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000). Six political parties are represented: the Democratic Alliance (17), the African National Congress (4) , the EFF (1), Land party (2), Freedom front Plus (2) and ACDP (1)

Mayoral Committee 

Executive MayorCllr Annelie Rabie
Executive Deputy Mayor and Protection Services PortfolioCllr Lindile Ntsabo
Investment & Infra-structure PortfolioCllr Clinton Lerm
Local Economic Development PortfolioAld Elnora Gillion
Management Services PortfolioCllr Arnie Africa
Community Services PortfolioCllr Ronald Nutt
Finance PortfolioCllr Stephen Williams


Cllr Grant Cohen

Ward Councillors

Ward 1 -Ald Dudley Coetzee (DA)

Ward 2 – Ald Theodorah Nqinata (ANC)

Ward 3 – Ald Kari Brice (DA)

Ward 4 – Cllr Ronald Nutt (DA)

Ward 5 – Cllr Bongiwe Nombula (ANC)

Ward 6 – Cll Vuyisani Bandeza (LP)

Ward 7 – Cllr Hybre Lombard (DA)

Ward 8 – Cllr Arnie Africa (DA)

Ward 9 – Cllr Grant Cohen (DA)

Ward 10 – Cllr Theresa Els (DA)

Ward 11 – Cllr Steven Fourie (DA)

Ward 12 – Cllr Masibongwe Sihlahla (ANC)

Ward 13 – Cllr Charmaine Resandt (DA)

Ward 14 – Ald Riana de Coning (DA)

Proportional Representation

Ald Elnora Gillion DA

Cllr Clinton Henri Lerm DA

Cllr Andrew Komani (DA)

Cllr Stephen Williams DA

Cllr Msa Nomatiti DA

Cllr Kholiswa Ngqandana LP

Cllr Constancy Connie Tafu Nwonkwo ANC

Cllr Malcolm Grimbeek FF+

Cllr Jacobus Van Staden   (FF+)

Cllr Siphiwo Beyi EFF

Cllr Rugene Minessa Dees ACDP

Mon – Fri: 07:45 – 13:00 & 13:45 – 16:30
Cashiers: 08:00 -13:00 & 13:45 – 15:00

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