Apply for Financial support

Apply for Financial support

Are you a pensioner?

Retired and Disabled persons qualify for special rebates on property rates, according to their total gross monthly household income.

Operating a registered B&B or Guesthouse?

Registered bed and breakfast establishments and guest houses with three to five lettable rooms can apply for the following rebates on property tax based on the difference between business and residential tariffs:

  • 3 x lettable rooms: 75%
  • 4 x lettable rooms: 50%
  • 5 x lettable rooms: 25%

Please note that one and two rooms are no longer rated as ‘Business’ and are therefore no longer eligible for discounts.

Are you a farmer?

Agricultural properties will be levied at the “FARMS” tariff, subject to the owner/farmer providing the Municipality with proof that the property is used for bona fide farming purposes. Bona fide farming means the agricultural land is used primarily for agricultural purposes.

Overstrand Municipality requires a declaration from the owner/farmer as evidence of every farm/portion. Each portion should be on a separate application.

Apply for Indigent Support

The indigent support assists needy households that have limited financial ability to pay for municipal services. Make the effort to find out if you qualify as an indigent for a subsidy on water, sewerage, electricity and waste on your municipal account.

Anyone may apply for an indigent subsidy on an on-going basis.

The following documentation must be submitted when applying for your indigent grant:

  • the latest municipal account of the account holder
  • an identity document of all residents (18 years and older) of the property
  • A copy of the birth certificate of every resident child under 18 years of age
  • 3 months’ salary/wages of each resident
  • In the case of no bank account, the client must confirm such with an affidavit
  • 3 months of bank statement from each resident
  • An affidavit to declare income if you are self-employed
  • Proof of disability pension or maintenance allowance
  • Affidavit of unemployment and that there is no other source of income. Must confirm since which date unemployed
  • Divorce order in the event of a divorce
  • an affidavit confirming responsibility for the account in the instance where the applicant is not the account holder, but reside on the property; and a letter from account holder and/or lease agreement
  • In the instance of a deceased estate, indigent applications will be considered in accordance with requirements for Deceased Estates as stipulated in the Overstrand Customer Care, Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy, inclusive of submission of the executors letter, or letter of authority from the Master/Court.

Community members can visit any of the municipal offices in Gansbaai, Stanford, Hermanus or Kleinmond during the week for support.

Alternatively, phone the finance department on

  • Hermanus 028 313 8027 / 028 313 8933 / 028 313 5060 /028 313 8042
  • Gansbaai 028 384 8300 or 028 384 8328
  • Stanford 028 341 8500 or 028 341 8516
  • Kleinmond 028 271 8400 or 028 271 8465

Application forms are available on our website, The completed application form can be sent to or hand it in to your nearest Overstrand Municipal offices.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems completing the application form.

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