Financial Relief for Indigent People

Overstrand Municipality is currently arranging venues for roadshows on Saturdays to update the indigent database and to help families to register or to re- apply for indigent support.

The indigent support assists needy households that have limited financial ability to pay for municipal services.

Find out if you qualify as an indigent for a subsidy on water, sewerage, electricity and waste on your municipal account.

You can apply for indigent support if:

  • The total household income of people staying on the property is not more than R7 961.00
  • Average units electricity purchased do not exceed 500 kWh per month
  • Average consumption of water over the previous 6 months do not exceed 20 kℓ per month
  • Occupy the property as the primary residence
  • You are a South African citizen
  • You do not have more than one property registered as owner
  • Your property may only be used for residential purposes

To apply, you must:

Fill in an application form at the Finance Halls at the respective municipal offices OR on the dates that venues will be open on a Saturday from 9:00 - 12:00

Bring the following documents with you:

  • Latest municipal account
  • ID of residents older than 18 years
  • Copy of the birth certificate of all residents younger than 18 years
  • Latest 3 months’ salary/wages slip of each working resident
  • Latest 3 months’ bank statements from each working resident
  • In the case of no bank account, the client must confirm such with an affidavit
  • An affidavit to declare income if you are self-employed
  • Proof of all SASSA income
  • Affidavit of unemployment and that there is no other source of income
  • Divorce order in the event of a divorce
  • Death certificate of a co-owner where applicable

Registered indigents in the Overstrand area also receive :

  • 10 kiloliters free water
  • 50 kWh units free electricity

For more information contact the Finance Department at your nearest municipal rates hall for assistance during the week or phone 028 313 8000/8912; HERMANUS Administration 028 313 8027 / 028 313 8933 / 028 313 5060 /028 313 8042, GANSBAAI/STANFORD Administration - Tel: 028 028 384 8300 or Tel: 028 341 8500, KLEINMOND Administration - Tel: 028 271 8400.


Contact Us

Hermanus 028 313 8000
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