Overstrand Municipality invites public to comment on new Tiny House Policy

Overstrand Municipality invites public to comment on new Tiny House Policy

The ‘tiny house trend’, which has taken off across the globe, has made its way to South Africa.

This movement is also regarded as a potential eco-friendly solution to the existing housing industry, as well as a feasible transitional option for individuals experiencing a lack of shelter.

The purpose of this policy is to focus on primary dwelling houses with a footprint of less than 27m².

Tiny Houses can be grouped into three categories, based on their intended use:

  • Permanent – attached to approved foundation, prioritising occupant safety and energy efficiency,
  • Temporary – built on chassis or frame and may have wheels, prioritising mobility, or
  • Transitional – living facilities for persons who lack shelter, prioritises flexibility to meet local needs.

The zoning codes determine where owners can site their tiny houses. In a Single Residential zone 1, permanent Tiny Houses must be attached to approved foundations and direct neighbours’ consent is required.

Permanent tiny houses must meet the requirements of the NBR, except for the dimensions.

Comments and inputs can be forwarded to mharmse@overstrand.gov.za or alternatively use enquiries@overstrand.gov.za (for attention Stephen Muller).

The draft Tiny House policy can be viewed via the official website www.overstrand.gov.za. (Click on Documents and then navigate to Policies and Draft Policies).

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