Installation of fibre in Sandbaai

Installation of fibre in Sandbaai

Following questions and concerns from residents living in Sandbaai, it seems that there is a misunderstanding with regards to the installation of fibre in this neighbourhood.

Separate applications were received for installation of fibre in Sandbaai North and South – below and above End Street.

Wayleave applications are processed on a first come first served basis, based on the Wayleave Process and Standards of the Overstrand Municipality.

The two parties involved in the installation of fibre in Sandbaai (Lightstruck and Sonic), signed and accepted the Master Wayleave Agreement.

Sonic WiFi’s application was received and processed for the Sandbaai Southern Section in December 2020 whilst Lightstruck’s was processed in January 2021, after which co-building/ trench sharing negotiations between the parties on both sections commenced.

After detailed talks, both parties opted out of the co-building and it was decided between the two parties that they would only concentrate on their respective areas where approval was received.

Since then, the parties have opened up negotiations again. Further details of the installations will be communicated when the outcome of the negotiations is communicated to the Municipality.

Kindly note that although the Overstrand Municipality has jurisdiction over the road reserves in our area, the fibre industry is regulated by the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002. Both the installers are licensed to render services in the field. Further to this, the municipality is not a party to the co-operation negotiating agreements between the parties and any issue in this regard should be taken up with the respective service providers.

We also note that the current spate of enquiries and complaints seem to favour one service provider above the other and will not become involved in this.

The municipality would like to state, in no uncertain terms, that contrary to the rumours that are currently circulating, all applications in the above process were approved in a fair, equitable and transparent manner consistent with the Wayleave Process and Standards.

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