Feedback on water pressure problems in De Kelders

Feedback on water pressure problems in De Kelders

On 2 November 2023, Overstrand Municipality provided feedback to the residents of De Kelders in terms of the water network and the water pipe breakages that were experienced over the past year.

Neil Lyners & Assiociates, who were appointed by the Municipality to conduct a pressure investigation report on the water network in De Kelders, gave an overview of the system indicating that the way the system currently operates, as well as the existing levels of the reservoir, result in static pressure of between 6-9 Bar in the system.

They also presented pressure data of the 12 loggers that were installed. One logger provided very low pressure due to being installed on the feedline of the water source. The rest of the loggers indicated maximum pressures between 5 – 9 Bar. One logger provided a pressure of 10 Bar as it is installed at the lowest point.

All agreed that the findings of the report indicate that the pressure is relatively high – especially when taking the age of the system into account. It was recommended by the consulting engineers that consideration should be had for the installation of additional pressure reducing valves as well as changes to the current pipe layout.  These works were preliminary costed to be in the region of R1,5 million.  As it will be capital works, Overstrand Executive Mayor, Dr Annelie Rabie, indicated that she would need to identify possible funding sources and get Council approval.  It was then agreed that the consulting engineers refine their costing and also provide advice on residential pressure release valves.

Further agreement was reached with the residents of De Kelders, whom experienced water breaks and leaks attributed to the higher pressure, and applied for rebates, will receive a credit amounting to the difference between their average monthly use of the corresponding months in the previous year and the actual readings after the pipe breaks.

Mayor Rabie expressed her gratitude towards the De Kelders community for their patience and understanding.  She indicated that solutions can always be found when the community and the municipality works together.

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