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Temperatures are rising and snakes are becoming more active after a long period of hibernation; they are hungry, and in search of food.

October to May is snakebite season.

Watch where you step and pay close attention while enjoying outdoor activities. We would also remind pet owners to keep an eye on their domestic pets as they may fall prey to snakes. Keeping your home and yard clutter free can help immensely.

Snakes are generally not aggressive, as long as they don't feel threatened.

Should you come across a snake, keep at least 3 - 5 m between you and the snake at all times; do not corner them. Please stay calm and keep your eyes on the snake, if possible, until the snake catcher arrives.

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The Initiation Summer Season - when initiates are expected to stay in isolation for an extended period – commenced in Hermanus during the past weekend.

Overstrand Municipality has for many years allowed initiation practices on the municipal farm in the Hemel-en- Aarde Valley. In fact, there are formal agreements in place with the Hermanus Initiation Forum for the use of pockets of land on the aforementioned property.

The Municipality had a number of consultative meetings from 14 November 2022 onwards, which were ongoing and therefore was quite surprised when it became known that initiates had already started arriving during the weekend. It should be noted that OM had not yet been informed of the actual starting date.

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The First Thursday initiative has become a good opportunity for residents to raise issues or to share their ideas on how to improve municipal service delivery without an appointment with the Overstrand Executive Mayor, Dr Annelie Rabie, and her team.

Join them on Thursday, 1 December 2022 from 17:00 - 19:00 in the Hermanus Municipal Banqueting Hall.

It is open to everyone. Sessions are kept brief in order to accommodate as many people as possible.


Buffeljachts Library boasts free Wi-Fi access to its members when the library is open and there is no loadshedding.

Library members are encouraged to use the Wi-Fi to apply for jobs, complete school work, communicate via e-mail, find information, and conduct business.

Residents must take note that the free Wi-Fi has certain restrictions in place to stop people from exploiting the service. This is usually in the form of a limit on the data that each customer may use per day.

To connect to the Library's Wi-Fi, select “LiquidHotspot” in the Wi-Fi options on your device to join the network. Open your phone's browser and go online at no cost.

The Buffeljachts Library hours are Mondays to Thursdays from 09:00 - 17:00 and Fridays from 09:00 - 16:30.



Overstrand Libraries have not been able to check out any new books for more than two weeks now while the provincial library information management system (SLIMS) server is off-line. Hopefully normal service will resume next week.

As alternative, registered library members are reminded that they may borrow e-books from any of the Overstrand Libraries via the Libby App.

The Libby App allows patrons to enjoy their books on several mobile devices or desktop computers. With the addition of audiobooks, the new virtual libraries are sure to offer something to everyone.

Simply download the app from your store ( and follow the instructions to borrow the title you want.

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