BABOON-PROOF RUBBISH BINS: Secure your bin with latch, strap, or clip at all times

BABOON-PROOF RUBBISH BINS: Secure your bin with latch, strap, or clip at all times

All household bins in baboon affected areas are to be fitted with safety locks to stop the baboons from rummaging for food in rubbish bins.

Every time a baboon gets half a loaf of bread or any food from a rubbish bin or kitchen counter, they are being rewarded and this encourages them to keep coming back into our residential areas to find more easily accessible foods while roaming the streets.

One of the reoccurring reasons for waste being incorrectly placed on the pavements is often traced back the number of weekenders and/or holiday-makers who are unknowing placing their waste out on the pavement in a black bag/s when they leave the rental property, normally on a Sunday.

If you are weekender or letting your property over weekends and the holiday season, note that the Overstand Municipality’s Integrated Solid Waste By-law stipulates that waste may only be placed out on the day of collection and in addition in animal problem areas the waste must be placed out in an animal proof container.

Please inform anyone that might be making use of your property about the above By-law and requirements.

The declared problem animal areas are Kleinmond (including Arabella), Betty’s Bay, Rooiels, Pringle Bay, portion of Onrus, Voëlklip, Fernkloof (including the Golf Estate), Hermanus Heights, Eastcliff, Kwaaiwater and a portion of Hawston.

Baboon-resistant 240-litre Wheelie bins with locks can be purchased at the municipal offices and will be delivered to your home. Alternatively, bins can be bought at any hardware store and baboon proof locks can be fitted, at an additional charge, on your existing bin.

Remember, all bins used in baboon-affected areas should be baboon-proof and locked. Please secure your bin with latch, strap, or clip always.

No refuse (black) bags may be left on pavements or on top of or outside bins in baboon affected areas.

Lastly it is also recommended that you provide your tenant with the location of the closest public drop off facility and operating hours to your property where they may dispose of their general waste that they generated during their visit on the way out of the area.     


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