The Brave Turtle reading: A delightful story, loved by children of all ages

The Brave Turtle reading: A delightful story, loved by children of all ages

Join the Betty’s Bay Library and the NSRI for a reading of the Brave Turtle book at the Betty’s Bay Library, on Friday 7 July 2023 at 10:30.

The Brave Turtle is an illustrated children’s chapter book of family, bravery, and with a great respect for our country’s wild waters.

“Late one night, Sam rolls off her bed and splash! Her entire room has flooded! Not just her room, but the whole house is filling up with water as the world floods outside. Confused and cold, Sam is rescued by a wise, little turtle called Neville, who takes her along the beautiful underwater highway, teaching her the ways of this watery world”.

Please RSVP to 028 271 8494 or

You can also buy a “Brave Turtle” soft toy with your book. The NSRI said these Brave Turtles (and our whales) are made of tshwe-tshwe fabric and inside they have a heart made from … you’ll never guess…  recycled wetsuits that were worn by our rescue crew when saving lives. To order, contact NSRI 021 434 4011.

The NSRI is a charity organisation staffed by unpaid volunteers who respond 24/7/365 to save lives on South African waters, please support them.

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