Your Opportunity to Comment on Investment Policy

Your Opportunity to Comment on Investment Policy

Overstrand Municipality invites all interested parties and individuals to give input on the Investment Incentives Policy.

The closing date for comments is 21 July 2022.

The Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) responsible for Infrastructure and Investment, Councillor Clinton Lerm, expressed confidence that the draft policy will receive positive comments from residents and role players.

We believe that in the long term, the right kind of investment will create the platform for sustainable growth of the Overstrand Municipal area, but also contribute to a safe and caring Overstrand Municipality.

The underlying principle of an inclusive Overstrand Municipality is to ensure accessibility for any investor/entrepreneur to employment and business opportunities. This includes direct employment created by businesses investing in the Overstrand Municipal area, but also in terms of indirect employment within local business supplying goods and services to new investments.

The Investment Incentives Policy incorporates both financial and non-financial incentives:

Financial incentives  
•    Property rates rebates (value of improvements);
•    Development Application Fees incentive (reduced building plan fees)

Non-Financial Incentives
•    A dedicated Investment Committee to assess applications    
•    Fast tracking and prioritisation of application process (timeframe commitments);
•    Assistance with development sites or building premises

Overstrand Municipality see the Blue Economy, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Nature conservation, Tourism, Green Energy, Warehousing, Call centre, Financial, Medical and Health Care and Social and Affordable housing as the preferred sectors open for development.

As set out in the policy, members of the public can familiarise themselves with the existing business corridors and nodes for settlements in the area as well as economic opportunity nodes available.

Comments and inputs can be forwarded to  or alternatively use  (for attention Stephen Müller).The draft Investment Incentives Policy  can be viewed on the official website (Click on Documents and then navigate to Policies and Draft Policies).

Alternatively download the document here:

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