Working together for safer neighbourhoods

Working together for safer neighbourhoods

Overstrand Municipality has issued a warning to residents, business owners and visitors to remain vigilant and stay safe during the forthcoming Easter long weekend. Familiarise yourself with whom you can call in an emergency and remember to put those numbers on your phone.

Thieves, robbers and fraudsters are looking for easy targets; therefore Hermanus Police Station Commander, Colonel Nosilela, asks that we remind the elderly people in our community to be aware that they could be targeted by criminals.

Although Overstrand law enforcement officers together with your Neighbourhood watch, HPP, SAPS and security companies will have patrollers and members on duty – please try and make the task easier for them and more difficult for criminals by:

  • Making sure garage doors are closed and all exterior doors are locked at night
  • Ensuring that your car is locked, windows are closed, and the alarm is active before leaving home
  • While at home, cell phones, notebooks and laptops, should never be left in plain sight near an open door or window
  • Storing your bicycle, surfboard and wet suit safely indoors
  • To avoid falling victim to smash and grabbers, do not leave items such as wallets, cell phones and other valuables, unattended or on the seat next to you while driving.  Rather stow your valuables in the boot of your car.
  • Ensuring your property is properly lit and install an alarm system if possible.
  • Notifying your neighbours that you will be away so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on the premises.
  • Being more aware of your surroundings in busy shops and shopping centres
  • Keeping handbags closed and secure at all times. Do not hang articles on the back of a chair or a pram/stroller
  • Using a cell phone, whether making a call or texting, wearing a hood or listening to loud music, all affect your awareness of your surroundings
  • Do not put your cell phone in your back pocket (the harder it is to get to, the harder it is to steal)
  • Keep your valuables including your cell phone, camera and jewellery, hidden (remember, out of sight, out of mind)

The following numbers can be called:

  • OVERSTRAND LAW ENFORCEMENT 028 313 8990 / 028 313 8111
  • SAPS HERMANUS 028 313 5300
  • SAPS KLEINMOND 028 271 8200
  • SAPS GANSBAAI 028 384 0201
  • SAPS STANFORD 028 341 0601


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