Wildfire ready: Evacuation plan

Wildfire ready: Evacuation plan

You should never wait and see what happens during a wildfire. When an evacuation is anticipated, follow this checklist to give you and your home the best chance of surviving a wildfire.

Prepare and evacuate early.


  • Make sure your car is facing the exit route and your car windows are closed to avoid embers entering.
  • Stay updated on fire information so you will know if the fire has come closer to you.
  • Gather up flammable items from the exterior of the structure and bring inside or place them in your pool.
  • Turn off the gas supply. Designate a safe place to store gas bottles, where they will not be exposed to radiant heat. A pool is a safe place.
  • Wet down any area of the home that can ignite easily, e.g. wooden decks, plants, roofing etc.
  • If time permits, block the down pipes and fill the gutters with water.
  • Leave exterior lights on so your home is visible in the smoke or dark.
  • Seal all attic and roof spaces to stop embers gaining access.
  • Seal gaps in doors and windows with non-flammable material.


Make sure you have your ID books, passports, birth certificates and any other important documents packed safely ready to go with you.
Pack a WildfireReady Emergency Kit to take with you.
Shut all windows and doors. Take down window shades or curtains as these can ignite from radiant heat.
Move flammable furniture to the centre of the room, away from windows and doors.
Shut off any gas to appliances.
Turn off any air conditioning.


  • Locate your pets and any carry boxes, keep them nearby and ready to go.
  • Prepare farm animals for transport and think about moving them to a safe location early

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