WATER IS A SCARCE RESOURCE: It is our collective responsibility to use it wisely

WATER IS A SCARCE RESOURCE: It is our collective responsibility to use it wisely

Overstrand Municipality appeals to its residents and businesses to make a conscious effort to reduce water use wherever possible.

If you have visitors, please warn them to use water sparingly so that our dams and reservoirs don’t run dry.

The latest Overstrand state of dam levels (mid-March 2024) are:

  • Buffelsrivier – 73.33%
  • De Bos – 78.2%
  • Kraaibosch – 90.70%
  • Pearly Beach – 20%
  • Koekemoer at Pearly Beach – 65%

On 19 February 2024, the Municipality introduced urgent water restrictions for Pearly Beach and Eluxolweni until further notice.

The restrictive measures are as follows:             

  • Gardens and lawns are not allowed to be watered with municipal water using a hose pipe or an irrigation system.
  • Swimming pools are not to be filled with municipal water.
  • Use of a hose pipe with municipal water to wash vehicles is prohibited.

There are no water restrictions in the other areas of the Overstrand.

Here are five ways you can help save water during the Easter break:

  • Take short showers
  • Flush the toilet only when really necessary
  • Use a bucket to capture shower water and use this for cleaning. watering the garden or flushing the toilet
  • Don’t let the tap run when you brush your teeth, wash your hands or do the dishes
  • Only wash full loads of washing

The Municipality also encourages residents to report leaks by calling the municipality’s 24-hour control room for basic services at 028 313 8111 or through the Collaborator Citizen app.

Kudos to the Parks Department in Gansbaai who has taken the initiative of putting up a signage board to remind residents and visitors to Pearly Beach that they are entering a water scarce area.

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