Watch out for snakes

Watch out for snakes

Temperatures are rising and snakes are becoming more active after a long period of hibernation; they are hungry, and in search of food.

October to May is snakebite season.

Watch where you step and pay close attention while enjoying outdoor activities. We would also remind pet owners to keep an eye on their domestic pets as they may fall prey to snakes. Keeping your home and yard clutter free can help immensely.

Snakes are generally not aggressive, as long as they don’t feel threatened.

Should you come across a snake, keep at least 3 – 5 m between you and the snake at all times; do not corner them. Please stay calm and keep your eyes on the snake, if possible, until the snake catcher arrives.

Please do not harm the snake – killing them is an offence in the Western Cape.

A number of snakes which are harmless to humans, such as the brown house snake, Aurora house snake and olive house snake are likely to be found in backyard gardens searching for food such as rats and mice.

The four common deadly snakes in the Overstrand area are the Puff Adder, Cape Cobra, Rinkhals and Boomslang.

In the unlikely event of a snake bite, get medical attention as soon as possible.

Here is a list of snake catchers in your area. The list is a working document and there might be other snake catchers as well.

•    Jonathan Powers 082 352 6000
•    Corné Uys 076 075 8004
•    Hugo Uys 062 482 5410

•    Braam Otto 071 5895589
•    Gansbaai Snake Removals 079 844 9513

•    Patrys Laubser 082 375 7075

•    Craig Niemand 082 310 7491

•    Mike Green 082 212 5116

•    Johan Cloete 083 460 2123

•    Francois van Zyl 083 271 8809

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