Unsure how to recycle your household waste correctly?

Unsure how to recycle your household waste correctly?

We had quite a number of enquiries from residents who would like to recycle their household refuse, but were unsure about which articles are suitable for recycling and how to go about it.

The HOW is rather straightforward:
Overstrand provides clear plastic bags in which recyclable items can be placed. All you have to do is to place that clear plastic bag on the sidewalk on the same day the municipality would normally collect your refuse.

The WHAT is also a lot simpler than one would think:
Recyclable household refuse broadly resorts under one of four categories: paper/cardboard, glass, plastics or cans made from steel/aluminium.

Below you will find an abbreviated table listing some of the common items resorting under one of these categories which you can safely dispose of in the clear plastic bag so that we can recycle them on your behalf:

Newspapers, magazines, office paper and cardboard; smaller items made from cardboard such as the boxes containing your toothpaste, breakfast cereal or pills or in which eggs are sold

Bottles, containers or receptacles made from glass. Do note that large shards of shattered glass (windscreens, window panes) must be disposed of at building-rubble sites.

Cold-drink, water and milk containers; containers containing items such as cooking oil and household cleansing aids; shopping and refuse bags; yoghurt and ice-cream containers; cling film

Cold-drink and food cans; deodorant and hairspray cans; cans containing household cleansing aids. Do note that tins containing things such as varnish, paint or thinners must be disposed of at building-rubble sites.         

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