TIK-TOK TIK-TOK: Join the Overstrand project in this year’s Great Southern Bioblitz today!

TIK-TOK TIK-TOK: Join the Overstrand project in this year’s Great Southern Bioblitz today!

The Overstrand is participating in the Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) for the second time this year from 28 – 31 October 2022.

This is an international period of biological surveying by the public in an attempt to record all the living species across the Southern Hemisphere in spring.

What is the purpose of the Bioblitz?

According to Councillor Clinton Lerm, Mayoral Committee Member of Investment & Infrastructure, the purpose of the Bioblitz is to list all the species that occur in the Southern Hemisphere in spring on iNaturalist.org. “We want to share our fantastic biodiversity with the world, and with your help your data becomes part of our collective knowledge of what occurs here and where, and can be useful to scientists in many ways,” he said.

What do you need?

Love of nature, a camera (cellphone also good!), and access to the internet. Take photos of any living thing between 28 – 31 October and upload the photos on www.iNaturalist.org or use the free iNaturalist app.

What do you take photos of?

Plants, mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, marine life, fungi, etc. that live within the boundaries of Overstrand Municipality.

Start in your home and garden (species do not have to be native), and then go hiking in the area (sidewalks, vacant lots, mountain, sea). Remember to look in the air and under the ground too.


Try to take clear photos – this helps the experts with identification. Take photos from different angels.

•    Plants: take photos of flowers, leaves and fruits or seeds, growth habit and habitat.
•    Insects: as much as possible of the whole body. Take from above and from the side.

Extra detail like the antennae, eyes and legs also help. Look at what your bug is sitting on and what he is doing.

Specialist knowledge required

Sandy Immelman of Betty’s Bay Conservancy and one of the Overstrand Bioblitzing Organisers for 2022 request assistance with regards to the IDing of the observations post the bioblitz.

She said there are 10 days for people to help with identifying the observations and this is critical in order for the data to be relevant for scientific purposes.

“Anyone who is a specialist in any field pertaining to flora, fauna, fungi, etc is requested to do as much IDing as possible during and post the GSB – which often can include people who either weren’t in the area at the time, or cannot get out to take photos, but have valuable knowledge that can really make a difference,” she requested.

How to participate and who to contact

Download the iNaturalist app or visit www.inaturalist.org and get ready to take heaps of photos of every living thing.

Sign up for the GSB 2022 Overstrand project and follow them om Facebook: Overstrand BioBlitzing.

Or click here – https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/great-southern-bioblitz-2022-overstrand

Please note that this year, the Overberg is also participating – the link to their project is: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/great-southern-bioblitz-2022-overberg

Together we are sure to show off the incredible biodiversity in this special part of the world. Let’s help make our biodiversity world famous.

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