Springtime is clean-up time

Springtime is clean-up time

This is the ideal time to turn attention and efforts to cleaning up our environment.
Every piece of litter that is carelessly discarded, eventually makes its way down rivers and streams to our oceans.

As the weather warms up, head outdoors and make a difference where you live, work or play.

Even the smallest action makes a difference.

Volunteer beach clean-up planned for Overstrand

As part of the International Coastal Clean-up Day on Saturday, 18 September, Overstrand Municipality’s Environmental Management Section is planning a clean-up operation along its coastline on Wednesday, 15 September 2021.

To that end residents, businesses and schools, are urged to assist with cleaning the local beaches and waterways.

For more information on where to meet and what to bring, contact field ranger and facilitator of various clean-up projects, Marco Cornelius on 028 313 8100 or 028 316 5610 or e-mail enviroadmin@overstrand.gov.za


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