Seal rabies cases confirmed in Overstrand

Seal rabies cases confirmed in Overstrand

Rabies detected in the Cape Fur Seal population has spread from beaches in Blouberg, Strand, Muizenberg, Fish Hoek, Plettenberg Bay to the Overstrand coastline.

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services confirmed they have found dead seals that tested positive for rabies in Pringle Bay and Pearly Beach.

To date there are seven confirmed cases of rabies in Cape Fur Seals since October 2023.

Current public health advisory is that rabies vaccination is not advised in the general public but anyone bitten by a seal must seek immediate medical assistance and get Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

Seals are a normal part of our coastline and one should expect to see seals on the shore line and expect to see seal carcasses on our shoreline. These do not equate to or are as a result of rabies.

Residents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines (which should be adhered to regardless of disease in coastal wildlife):

  • Please keep your distance at all times from seals (in the water and on land)
  • Do not interfere with, attempt to handle, touch or restrain a seal
  • The public is reminded that it is illegal to harm or interfere with a seal
  • Ensure that your dog is under your control at all times and preferably on a lead wherever seals may occur
  • Do not touch, handle or consume a seal carcass or any parts thereof

Report any seal incidences or attacks/bites immediately to the Environmental Management Section of Overstrand Municipality on 028 316 3724 (o/h) or Fire & Rescue Emergency Control Room on 028 312 2400 or your nearest vet.

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