Repairs on pedestrian traffic signal in Voëlklip

Repairs on pedestrian traffic signal in Voëlklip

The pedestrian traffic light next to Voëlklip OK Minimark has been out of order for months and Overstrand Municipality apologises for the inconvenience this is causing road users in the area.

Unfortunately, the damage to Voëlklip pedestrian traffic signal controller has been of such a nature that an immediate solution is not available. The pedestrian crossing button also does not work, and drivers have no patience and drive on straight away, making the crossing unsafe.

The initial delay in restoring electricity to the traffic signal has since been resolved. The current delay in repairs can be attributed to fact that:

  • The traffic signal controller cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced.
  • The planned repair works warrants the Municipality to make use of a competitive tender process due to the value of the work to be done. The quotation that was received for this repair work was R 120 000,00.

The Infrastructure and Planning Directorate, who is now responsible for repairing traffic signals on roads under its control and management, is committed to repairing the traffic light within a reasonable timeframe but also has to comply with the required procurement processes.  Previously, as this is a provincial road, the traffic signals were installed and maintained by them.

It is anticipated that the Infrastructure and Planning Directorate will proceed with a comprehensive traffic signal repair tender in October 2023.

This will assist in the improving efficiency by enabling proper planning, reducing procurement processes, and improving Overstrand Municipality’s response times.

Road users are reminded that even where pedestrian traffic lights are not functional, preference should be given to pedestrians crossing roads at painted pedestrian crossings.

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