Register Solar Panels

Register Solar Panels

Overstrand Municipality is encouraging the installation of private small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) systems.

There are already ± 45 businesses and residents in the Overstrand that are registered to feed excess electricity into the municipal grid – generating roughly 1 MW of electricity through solar panels.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can be installed on rooftops of all sizes. The electricity it generates is considered clean energy, and can be stored in batteries, used directly, or fed back into the electricity grid.

Residents must keep in mind that registration of all small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) installations is mandatory, even if you are not feeding into the grid

This is not to ‘tax’ people but to ensure that the power quality is not compromised and that the municipal personnel are not exposed to unnecessary danger whilst conducting repairs and maintenance on the network.

Many systems that claim to be off-grid are not electrically separated from the home’s wiring and are thus not technically off-grid. To qualify as an off-grid system, a solar PV system must be completely separated from the property’s wiring.

Another challenge for the Municipality is that many of the big suppliers would like to buy in at a minimum of 100kW. Overstrand uses an amount of 55kW electricity which includes the portion the Municipality buys, as well as the portion which residents buy directly from Eskom.

Connecting without approval is illegal

Unauthorised PV systems could interfere with Overstrand’s electricity supply, electricity demand management and future network planning.

  • Connecting an unauthorised SSEG system to the grid can pose a safety risk to electricity maintenance staff and can also be a fire risk to your household if installed incorrectly.
  • Insurance claims may be jeopardised if unauthorised systems are operated.

Customers wishing to install an SSEG system, regardless of its generation capacity, need to complete an application form and request written approval from the Municipality prior to the commencement of system procurement and installation.

The approval process for an SSEG installation will vary, depending on the size of the system and consumer category.

The complete guidelines, forms and by-laws are available on the Overstrand website.

  • Hermanus
    028 313 8000 or 028 316 2630
  • Kleinmond
    028 271 8404 or 027 271 8484
  • Gansbaai
    028 384 8300 or 028 384 8358
  • Stanford
    028 341 8500 or 028 341 8376
  • Municipal Services Control Room 24-hour number
    028 313 8111

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