Recycle in Overstrand

Recycle in Overstrand

This is how we recycle in Overstrand

Safely dispose of these items in a clear plastic bag so that we can recycle them on your behalf:

Newspapers, magazines, office paper and cardboard; smaller items made from cardboard such as the boxes containing your toothpaste, breakfast cereal or pills or in which eggs are sold

Bottles, containers or receptacles made from glass. Do note that large shards of shattered glass (windscreens, window panes) must be disposed of at building-rubble sites.

Cold-drink, water and milk containers; containers containing items such as cooking oil and household cleansing aids; shopping and refuse bags; yoghurt and ice-cream containers; cling film

Cold-drink and food cans; deodorant and hairspray cans; cans containing household cleansing aids. Do note that tins containing things such as varnish, paint or thinners must be disposed of at building-rubble sites.                    

What you need to do:

  1. Buy yourself one roll of transparent refuse bags. (If you recycle using a black bag, your recycling will end up in the Landfill with all the general household waste).
  2. Fill your transparent bag with cans, bottles, paper and plastic.
  3. Put your transparent bag out next to your wheelie bin / black bag on refuse removal day. You will be rewarded by the Municipality leaving you a replacement transparent bag.

Free bags can also be collected from the Municipal offices in Kleinmond (5th Avenue) and Hermanus (Magnolia Street) as well as the Municipal Sorting Facility in Schulphoek Road in Hermanus.

Where to drop-off of recyclables

The Hermanus Waste Material Recovery Facility (MRF) receives clear recycle bags from Hermanus and Kleinmond. Gansbaai has its own recycling facility at the landfill site.

The Hermanus MRF is situated in Schulphoek Road, next to the Water Treatment Works and Zwelihle Primary School. Waste operating hours for acceptance of recyclable waste from the general public is between 08:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Friday and until 14:00 on public holidays that fall on a weekday.

The facility is currently closed on weekends, however recyclables can be left at the drop-off on a Saturday during the operational hours of 09:00 to 16:00.

No household or garden waste will be accepted here. Household waste can be disposed of at the public drop-off next door and garden waste needs to be taken to the Hermanus Transfer Station site where it will be chipped and then sent to Karwyderskraal for composting.


  • Hermanus 028 313 5051/8997/8157/8090
  • Gansbaai 028 384 8300/8328/8367
  • Kleinmond 028 271 8400/8404/8435/8465
  • Stanford 028 341 8500/8516
  • Overstrand Switchboard 028 313 8000


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