Prune or remove trees

Prune or remove trees

Residents are cautioned against pruning or removing municipal trees on pavements and sidewalks without obtaining proper permission. To initiate such services, they should contact the respective office of the Area Managers as it is the Municipality’s responsibility to handle these tasks when necessary.

While it is acknowledged that certain trees may cause inconvenience to property owners due to leaf litter, shade, etc., it is crucial to emphasise that pruning or removing trees on sidewalks or any public open spaces is illegal, regardless of whether they are indigenous or exotic species.

The Municipality will only consider removing a tree if it poses a threat to human life or property, or if the tree is dead. Additionally, the Municipality does not prune or “top” trees for the sake of improving views but will consider pruning them using proper horticultural practices.

Anyone accidentally or wilfully removing trees or attempts to poison trees on public land will result in charges based on the value of the tree, as specified in the Urban Tree Policy.

Residents who wish to have a tree pruned or removed from public land must complete an application form and submit it to The approval for tree removal or pruning will be at the Municipality’s discretion after conducting a thorough investigation. Each request will be carefully evaluated on its merits, but removal will only be considered as a last resort.

The Tree Policy can be viewed on the municipal website, click on Documents, then Policies and then ‘Urban Tree Policy’.

Application Form: Prune or remove trees

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