Property Valuations: The process of submitting appeals

Property Valuations: The process of submitting appeals

Since the finalisation of the valuation objections, Overstrand Municipality received requests of how many objections had been received per suburb.  It seems that there are individuals as well as groups that are under the impression that the number of objections received per suburb indicates that that specific area was singled out and valued incorrectly.  This assumption is not correct.  The reason for most objections received, were not to dispute the new valuation, but the fact that the objector will not be able to afford the monthly rates.

Unfortunately, the Municipal Property Rates Act 6 of 2004 stipulates that the valuer needs to determine the market value of each rateable property in the municipal area. The market value is defined as:  What a willing buyer will pay a willing seller for a property.

Properties are valued on the date of valuation to ensure fairness. The date of valuation may not be more than 12 months before the start of the financial year in which the valuation roll is to be first implemented.  In the case of the new General Valuation Roll this date is 2 July 2022. Therefore the valuer uses comparable sales information as at the valuation date of 2 July 2022 to determine the market value.

Overstrand Municipality is now in the appeal process.

Property owners are entitled to appeal against the objection decision if they believe they have good grounds on which to base their appeal. An independent appeal board will hear the appeal.

Information on how to lodge an appeal will be included in the objection decision notice when it is posted and emailed to objectors.

The period for submitting an appeal opens on the day that the objection decision notice is e-mailed to you. They will then have 30 working days to submit an appeal.  Home-owners can also request the reasons for the objection decision within 30 days from the date of the objection decision notice. When the reasons are received from the valuer, they still have 21 days to lodge an appeal.

All appeals lodged will be forwarded to the chairperson of the Appeal board within 14 days after the end of the appeal period. The chairperson of the Appeal Board will convene a meeting of the appeal board within 60 days after receipt of the appeals.  All appellants will be informed via email of the date, time and place of the Appeal Board meeting.

Appeal forms are available on the municipal website (click on documents, click on forms), at the municipal offices or can be requested at

All completed appeal forms can be emailed to or be handed in at the municipal offices for the attention of the municipal manager.      

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