Overstrand Municipality will be starting with the pre-paid electricity metering software update (TID rollover) from 1 November 2022.

Failure to update before the deadline will result in consumers not being able to purchase electricity, resulting in your electricity running out on your meter.

Kindly note, this is not a meter replacement and there is no payment to be made by affected pre-paid customers. Customers who receive electricity from Eskom directly, will also be affected and should contact Eskom directly with queries regarding the upgrade of prepaid meter software for the TID rollover (or wait till Eskom contacts them).

The following frequently asked questions attempt to provide pre-paid users with guidelines and insight on how to deal with the above-mentioned issues.

What is TID (token identifier) Roll-over? 

The code that is generated when you buy electricity is calculated from a base date in 1994. The available number range will run out in November 2024. To avoid a situation where you cannot buy electricity at that time your pre-paid meter must be reprogrammed.

This range will last until 2045.

What if I have tokens that have not yet been entered?

With this in mind, any tokens that may be in your possession, that have not yet been captured on your meter, must be entered before any change is made, as the old tokens will not be accepted after the change, and you will lose the units that you have purchased. Any units that are on your meter will still be available after the change.

How do you know if your meter has been changed?

The token that is issued to you, has the following information printed on it: Your name and address; below that is your SGC (Supply Group Code), the TI (Token Identifier); KRN (Key Revision Note) and below them all the Tariff is printed. The KRN is the indicator of the status of your meter in terms of the TID roll-over. If it is KRN 1 your meter still needs to be reprogrammed. If the KRN is 2 your meter has already been reprogrammed.

How will the change be done?

When we apply the change to your meter you will receive a token with three codes on it that need to be entered in the sequence as printed on the token. This process will require about 2 minutes. Once your meter has been changed you will again receive a token with only 1 code on it as it is now. A staggered approach will be used to do the roll-out.

Who is affected by this?

This change affects every pre-paid meter in the world.

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