Platanna migration time again!

Platanna migration time again!

Early this year thousands of the Common Platanna (African clawed frog) appeared overnight in the Onrus and Vermont neighbourhoods after a night of soft, summer rain and cool conditions. It’s all happening again and we would like to ask nature lovers in the area to help save the tiny creatures as they migrate from the Saltpan in Vermont to the Onrus Estuary.

Time is of the essence as the Platannas need to get back to water before the sun comes out; those out of the water when the sun is coming out of the clouds, will likely die.

Remember, they are amphibious and must stay in water therefore residents are advised to keep the Platannas in big buckets filled with water.

The buckets must be deep and have high sides in order for the frogs not to crawl out when volunteers carry them from the Vermont Salt Pan to the Onrus Estuary, where they should be released.

Please do not place them back in the Saltpan, the pan does not have a high enough oxygen count in the water to sustain the hundreds of frogs that are emerging and that is why you will see that some of the frogs did not make it. The Onrus Estuary’s water quality has also been tested in the last two weeks and no high readings for E.coli was recorded.

Phone the Environmental Management Section of Overstrand Municipality on 028 316 3724 / 028 313 5619 (o/h) or visit their offices on the corner of Molteno and Viljoen Street in Onrus if anyone needs them to remove the frogs from their garden or swimming pool. Please mention your street address as well.

Adrian Keyster from the Paddavlei Project and Marco Cornelius, Field Ranger, both from the Environmental Management Section, releasing Platannas in the Onrus Estuary.
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