Overstrand Response to 14 June 2024 Marches

Overstrand Response to 14 June 2024 Marches

The municipality received memoranda from Paradise Park residents as well as Zwelihle residents after they marched to the municipal offices on Friday, 14 June 2024.  It Is important to note that most of the issues identified have already been attended to in previous correspondence with the marchers and Council will not fully respond to those again.  There are, however, some issues with merit, that will be addressed after Council returns from recess on 10 July 2024.

The representative for Paradise Park, Tracey Henn, was once again implored to request her members to register for housing opportunities.  It can be confirmed that currently there are 29 individuals/families from Paradise Park on the waiting list of which nine indicated that they will follow through with a full application process to access a housing opportunity. Cognisance should also be taken of the fact that the municipality has offered alternative emergency housing options to the dwellers in PP in the past and none of these was taken up.

Further to the above, the Mayor has also requested the landowner to allow some lenience on the vulnerable dwellers in the park whom might need additional time to vacate on their own as well as those who really struggle with alternative accommodation.  There was tacit agreement that this will be considered favourably.

The issue of expropriation was also touched on but the Mayor was clear that only the full Council can resolve on this matter. She further expressed her willingness to work with all of the people within the Overstrand, but that people should not use her name and deliberately circumvent the truth to advance their individual causes.


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