Overstrand Municipality’s report on damages caused by heavy rains

Overstrand Municipality’s report on damages caused by heavy rains

Following the initial warning by the South African Weather Services last week, various parts of Overstrand have since been flooded.

On Tuesday evening, 30 May 2023, the Joint Operations Centre (JOC) was set up after receiving a number of calls for assistance and the responsible services and disaster management teams were activated.

Homes were flooded and several roads closed as a safety precautionary measure. To date, Overstrand Municipality’s operational and protection services departments have issued ± 1 000 sandbags across the area and have assisted in diverting water by packing sandbags and bricks. Blankets were issued in such circumstances when all the bedding of affected residents were wet. In Hermanus area alone, 80 cubes of sand were distributed to affected areas.

The inclement weather in especially the Hangklip area wreaked havoc in Betty’s Bay and Pringle Bay where the large volumes of water from the mountain caused overflowing and silting up of open earth channels. This is causing damage to the gravel road surfaces and in Lakeside, Betty’s Bay a portion of the road washed away.

The Provincial Disaster Management team will be visiting the Overstrand tomorrow, 2 June 2023, to assess the damage and hopefully provide the required support to fix the roads. As expected, the ground is too waterlogged to soak up more water and more rain is expected over the weekend.

“We appeal to residents to exercise patience and understanding as we strive to fix the roads as soon as possible,” Mayor Rabie said.

In addition to that, the Municipal Manager is currently negotiating with the HOD for Local Government in the Western Cape in an attempt to secure funds from the Disaster Management Fund to do necessary repairs to damaged roads and other infrastructure. This process may take some time but the Municipality will start with repairs as soon as the weather permits.

“Although we are grateful for the rain, we are aware of the considerable damage that has been caused and as mentioned above, we are working towards a solution.”

We thank the public for their patience during this time. The Municipality remains on high alert and will assist affected communities where possible.

Salvia Road, Betty’s Bay


HANGKLIP-KLEINMOND – Below are problems experienced on individual roads:

Overhills Kleinmond:

Large volumes of waste caused blockage of stormwater infrastructure, leading to flooding of structures within the Overhills settlement

Pearl Dr, Luckhoff and Dolphin Roads, Betty’s Bay:

Open channel cannot handle the large volume of water causing flooding in road and properties

Bass Road Betty’s Bay:

Water overflow embankments from stream coming down the mountain depositing large volumes of rocks/stones on Bass Road

Edward Road Betty’s Bay:

Water streaming from middle of the road in a fountain like fashion, causing damage to the road. Road have been temporarily closed.

Microloma Road Betty’s Bay:

Open channel could not handle large volumes of water and overflowed into Erf 3623 causing flooding. Should be noted that floor level of house is extremely low.

Myrica road Betty’s Bay:

Pipe crossing in front of Erf 3629 blocked causing water to accumulate on the road surface

Disa Road Betty’s Bay:

Erf 3832: property and lower level of house flooded. Possible blockage in stormwater channel/driveway pipes in front of the property.

Disa Circle Betty’s Bay:

Erf 4670: property flooded

Gladioulus Betty’s Bay:

Complaint received this morning 31 May 2023 from Disaster Management. Possible silted up pipe across the road.

Lachenalia Road Betty’s Bay:

Grootvlei have reached capacity and water not flowing away from vlei, causing pipe system leading into vlei to not work and causing flooding of properties in Lachnelia Road

Lanaria road Betty’s Bay:

Stormwater accumulating on road surface and flowing into drive-ways

White Road Betty’s Bay:

White road between the two(2) vlei’s, completely overflowed. Road closed.

Salvia Road Betty’s Bay:

Large volumes of water from the mountain causing overflowing of water into road. Road surface washed away. Portion of road closed

Viola connection Betty’s Bay:

Road surface damaged, large volume of gravel deposited onto dust controlled Wheeler Road

Lakeside Road Betty’s Bay:

Road washed away from large volumes of water from mountain. Road closed. Water pipe also damaged

Heron Road Betty’s Bay:

Water accumulating on road surface

Agaphanthus Road Betty’s Bay:

Open channel cannot handle volumes of water causing water to run into properties

Arctopus Road Betty’s Bay:

Water from road into properties

Stream Road Pringle Bay:

Water from mountain overflowing embankments of channel causing portion of road and driveways to wash away.

Elizabeth road Pringle Bay:

Flood water cause deep ditches on section of the road. 12m2 gravel have been used to fill up ditches.

George way Pringle Bay:

Flood water cause deep ditches on section of the road

Edward Road Pringle Bay:

Flooding in road due to possible closing of open channel by builder.

Hilton Circle Pringle Bay:

Ditches in road surface caused by flood water

Hangklip Road Pringle Bay:

Pipe cannot handle large volumes of water causing flooding of road and adjoining properties. Possible porcupine stuck in pipe.

Road to Voorberg reservoir:

Sections of road surface washed away and deep ditches formed due to flood water

GREATER GANSBAAI STANFORD – Flooding and stormwater call outs for the evening of Tuesday, 30 May 2023: 

Duiker Street, Keinbaai – Inspection was done, property was flooded due to stormwater build up in catchpit that overflowed to property – sewerage tanker was dispatched to property to suck up stormwater. Previously a V-channel was installed on the corner of Duiker Street to channel stormwater away from property, catchpit and soak away drain was installed in front of property. A project is planned for new book year (July 2023) to install stormwater pipe from catchpit in Duiker Street to Steenbok Street.

Julia Street, Franskraal – Inspection was done, property is lower than road surface, sewerage tanker was dispatched to property to suck up stormwater.

College Way, Franskraal – Inspection was done, water was damming on opposite side of property next to road, no immediate danger of flooding to road or properties.

Cilliers Street, Franskraal – Inspection was done, kerbs are in place, but property is lower than road surface, water in property is coming from the property in question as well as surrounding properties and not overflowing from road, sewerage tanker was dispatched to property to suck up stormwater.

Meyer Street, Franskraal – Inspection was done, property is lower than road surface, sewerage tanker was dispatched to property to suck up stormwater.

Kano Street, Gansbaai – Inspection was done, stormwater standby team was dispatched to property to open stormwater channel.

Mbeki Street, Masakhane – Inspection was done, informal shacks all erected lower than road surface, stormwater standby team was dispatched to property to supply dust and assistance to use dust to slope area in a way that would channel stormwater away from shacks, sewerage tanker was dispatched to property to suck up stormwater.

Sportsgrounds (soccer field) in Masakhane – Area is lower than road surface, no houses in danger of flooding, sewerage tanker was dispatched to property to suck up stormwater.

Perlemoen Street, Kleinbaai – Inspection was done, digger from stormwater standby team was sent out to open stormwater channel mouth.

GREATER HERMANUS AREA – Stormwater Blockages on 30 and 31 May 2023

Fisherhaven: Church Street, Lagoon Drive, Flying Dutchman street

Onrus: Erika Street, Roos Street

Zwelihle: Marikana (at School), Jikeleza street, Masiphumelele (near Clinic), Old Swimming pool site, Ziphunzana near old library, Ziphunzana near skip, Mandela Site, Dubai near Sportsfield, Dubai near Peach Houses, Dubai near Nama str, Dubai near Lange Street, Bekhela near Nxumalo str, Sisulu Street, Suphumelela Corridor, Uxolo Street, R256 Marikana, ZHP16 near Masiphumelela, Hlobo Street, Ntlanzi Street, Siyakana street

Sewer Spill (Due to Storm Water) – Silver Oaks (Main Road) in Northcliff, De Villiers Street, Sandbaai and Nkwenkwizi Street, Zwelihle

White Road, Betty’s Bay


Previous PDF maps now available from Overstrand Municipality GIS

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