Overstrand Law Enforcement made several arrests over the Weekend

Overstrand Law Enforcement made several arrests over the Weekend

Overstrand Municipality’s Law Enforcement teams attended to various complaints over the weekend of 18 – 20 August 2023 and many fines were issued and arrests made.

The Task Team and LEAP officers as well as the Rapid Response and Marine and Coastal Units arrested three men for the illegal possession and transportation of abalone on the R43 in Stanford. 442 units of abalone with an estimated value of R80 000 as well as a bakkie, cell phones and a knife were seized.

In an intelligence driven operation, three suspects were found in possession of stolen property and house-breaking implements and were arrested.

They also arrested a man in Gansbaai for allegedly dealing in dagga. In an unrelated incident, two suspects were arrested in Hawston for the possession of a stolen cell phone. Three suspects were arrested in possession of stolen property and house breaking implements.

Fines were issued for:

• Smooth tyres
• Not wearing safety belts
• Overtaking on a white line
• Erecting shelters in undesignated areas
• Illegal car washing
• No business licence
• Dog without a leash
• Unlicensed drivers
• Unlicensed motor vehicles
• Parked on wrong side of the road
• Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users
• Overtaking on line
• Illegible number plate
• No PrDP
• No Operating Permit
• Defective hooter
• Vehicle causing obstruction
• Park facing oncoming traffic

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