Libraries converting back to old ‘manual’ system

Libraries converting back to old ‘manual’ system

Overstrand Libraries are still having problems issuing books to patrons, due to ongoing problems with the provincial library information management system (SLIMS) server

This is a provincial-wide problem that affects all libraries in the Western Cape, except the City of Cape Town.

Library members who cannot take out any new books are taking out their frustrations on the staff, but are reminded that this is beyond the control of the Overstrand Municipality.

To try and find a solution, librarians met with the Director of Library Services in the Western Cape, Cecilia Sani, earlier in the week.

As interim solution it was decided that all Overstrand Libraries will go back to the manual system, where each barcode will be written down.

The libraries will be closed for a day or two in order to get all the returned books back on the shelves and to prepare themselves for the new manual system they will use.

Unfortunately, library members will need to fill in a form before books can be issued to them. The forms will be available at the respective libraries.

People that are non-members are still welcome to join the library, and of course they are welcome to sign into the LIBBY app and read e-books until the libraries are up and running.

We request the public to be patient until the matter is resolved.

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