Help Municipality to curb vandalism of streetlight poles and street lights

Help Municipality to curb vandalism of streetlight poles and street lights

Damage to streetlights and constant replacing of light bulbs are derailing ongoing efforts to deliver a service to communities and are costing ratepayers money to replace equipment.

It also impacts negatively on the security of the neighbourhoods.

According to the electrical department in Kleinmond, it appears that in the last few weeks, it is mostly children who kick at the 3.5m fibreglass poles to break the light bulbs.

Similar problems also occur in Stanford and Gansbaai, where youngsters shoot at streetlight bulbs with slingshots (ketties).

In Hawston, Marine Drive, criminals have managed to dig up and steal the cables supplying the streetlights and, in some places, removed the entire streetlight pole and streetlight unit itself.

This type of action does not happen without anyone seeing it.

Overstrand Municipality would like to call upon residents across the area to help the police find those responsible for vandalising these poles. Please report these acts of criminality to your nearest police station or call Overstrand Municipality on the 24 hour safety and security number 028 313 8980 or Overstrand Control Room 028 313 8000/8111.

Help us to keep the lights on in our communities.

Faulty Street lights:

If you discover a faulty street light, please report it to us.

Do not take it for granted that someone else has called – make sure it has been reported.

During office hours (07:45 – 16:30), report to:
Hermanus administration: 028 316 5600 or 028 313 8111
Kleinmond administration: 028 271 8400 or 027 271 8484
Gansbaai administration: 028 384 8300 or 028 384 8358
Stanford administration: 028 384 8500 or 028 384 8376
Remember to ask for a reference number.

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