HEADS-UP: More thunderstorms, rain expected over weekend

HEADS-UP: More thunderstorms, rain expected over weekend

An Orange Level 6 warning for severe thunderstorms resulting in flooding and large amounts of small hail are expected over Overstrand and other parts of the Western Cape on Friday and Saturday (16 – 17 December 2022).

Residents are advised to watch out for localised flooding and avoid low-lying areas and bridges. If possible, stay indoors and keep away from metal objects. Do not seek shelter under trees or tall objects.

Do not go fishing or play golf as both the golf clubs and fishing rods are a good conductor of electricity. Be aware that any combination of hail, strong winds and/or heavy downpours can accompany the storms.

For those travelling – drive carefully and leave plenty of time. Please drive carefully in the rain and remember, ‘Wipers on, lights on’.

Overstrand Municipality’s Disaster Management team is on full alert.


  • Any emergency or distress call relating to a FLOOD, FIRE OR MEDICAL EMERGENCY, phone the 24 HOUR PROTECTION SERVICES CONTROL ROOM (Overstrand Fire & Rescue) on 028 312 2400
  • Report issues with MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE such as roads, street lights and stormwater to the Municipality’s 24 HOUR BASIC SERVICES CONTROL ROOM number on 028 313 8111
  • For law enforcement day-to-day complaints phone 028 313 8996
  • For security and safety issues phone 028 313 8980
  • For general enquiries such as municipal accounts, progress with the approval of building plans etc, can contact the OVERSTRAND SWITCHBOARD number on 028 313 8000 – alternatively phone Kleinmond Administration 028 271 8400; Hermanus Administration 028 313 8000; Stanford Administration 028 341 8500; Gansbaai Administration 028 384 8300
  • NSRI Hermanus: 082 990 5967


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