Foreign items in sewage causes blockages

Foreign items in sewage causes blockages

Putting foreign items down toilets and sinks can cause blockages and overflows.

Overstrand Municipality once again appeals to residents not to flush materials such as cigarettes, nappies, wet wipes, cleansing pads, used cooking oil, paint or any other household hazardous chemicals down the toilet.

Smaller items that are flushed, such as cotton buds, can escape through treatment filters at the treatment plant and reach our rivers and beaches. Sewage related litter causes harm to the environment and can pollute our water supply and coastlines.

By working together, the following actions can help prevent blocked outlets and manholes:

  • Wipe and scrap plates, pans and utensils before washing
  • Collect waste oil in a suitable container
  • Maintain your sewer and water pipes inside your yard
  • Use strainers in sink plug holes
  • Pour washing/laundry water into toilet sink or basin
  • Tampons and disposable nappies should be disposed of in the normal household bin or sanitary bins provided by businesses.

Please keep the manholes and drains clean and continue to report sewerage blockages at the municipal control room 028 313 8000/8111. Alternatively phone Kleinmond 028 271 8400, Hermanus 028 313 8090/8997/8137, Gansbaai 028 384 8300 and Stanford 028 341 8500 to request tanker service.

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