Fishermen beach walkers asked to look out for stranded turtles

Fishermen beach walkers asked to look out for stranded turtles

The Two Oceans Aquarium has urged fishermen and beach walkers to be on the look out for any weak, floating, sad looking or stranded turtles along the Overstrand beaches.

According to the Turtle Stranding Network, stranding of bigger turtles is increasing again which is a pattern for this time of the year.

The sea turtles are at special risk because of the cold water, plastic ingestion, ghost fishing gear, boat strikes, injury and strong onshore winds.

Large stranded turtles can seem dead but please give the Turtle Rescue Hotline a call on 083 300 1663 so they can double and triple check whether they are alive or not.

Two Oceans Aquarium turtle rescue co-ordinator, Tracy Whitehead, said the rescue of adult turtles is hugely important as most are well on their way to being sexually mature so able to help the survival of the species once released again.

She confirmed that they rescued a sub-adult Green turtle off the beach in De Hoop Nature Reserve earlier in the week. “This is our third adult rescue for September and our 11th for this year so far”.


The Turtle Rescue Team asks residents to please share and save the TURTLE RESCUE HOTLINE 083 300 1663 to report stranded turtles.

Alternatively phone African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary – APSS in Gansbaai on 072 598 7117 or the Environmental Management Section of Overstrand Municipality on 028 316 3724 (o/h) or the 24h Control Room 028 313 8000/8111 or 24h Emergency Control Room on 028 8980 (a/h).

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