The Overstrand Municipality Fire Department is making good use of the last few days left until end of October to prepare for the fire season. The fire season in the Overstrand begins on 1 November.

One never knows what the fire season will bring us; but it’s advisable to be as prepared as possible.

In light of the safety requirements set out in Section 34 of the Community Fire Safety By-Law, it is imperative for all property owners to be aware of their responsibility to prevent an accumulation of combustible material, including vegetative matter, on their premises.

We encourage owners of undeveloped, overgrown erven to take steps on their own properties, to help reduce risks of ignition and the spread of fires to adjacent residences and veld by taking the following fire safety precautions:

  • Ensure that your driveway has been cleared of overhanging vegetation and is wide enough to accommodate a fire engine
  • Do not to store flammable materials such as gas cylinders below decks or verandas
  • Cut back vegetation and remove debris around your home
  • Make sure your roof and gutters are clean
  • Where you can, remove/control invasive alien vegetation, such as Port Jacksons

If you see smoke, please immediately contact Overstrand Fire & Rescue on 028 312 2400 without delay.

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