FICA Now a Prerequisite to Register/Licence Vehicles

FICA Now a Prerequisite to Register/Licence Vehicles

As from 1 November 2015, everyone who wishes to register or license a vehicle will first have to comply with the provisions of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, Act 38 of 2001.

In other words, Overstrand’s Traffic Department will be unable to conclude any transactions relating to the registration or licensing of vehicles unless FICA has been verified on the eNaTIS system.

Accordingly, everyone who wishes to register or license a vehicle will be required to duly complete a so-called NCP form and to submit necessary proof of identity and residence.

The NCP form (which is the short title for the form relating to a notification of change of address or particulars of a person or organisation) is comprised of two parts and will require all affected parties to submit (a) proof of identity and (b) proof of residence. 


  • In the case of South African citizens, a South African ID document or valid South African passport will be acceptable.
  • In the case of foreign nationals, certified proof of a traffic register number as issued by the appropriate registering authority will be required.
  • In the case of a business, certified copies of the CK (proof of registration) or the certificate displaying the business’s registration number (BRNC) together with the proxy or representative’s ID, valid South African passport or, in the case of foreign nationals, traffic register number will be required.


  • In the case of an individual, a utility bill [your municipal account] together with any statement (not older than 3 months) from a retail store, a cell phone service provider or the likes will be acceptable.
  • Note that if that municipal account [the utility bill] has not been issued in your name, for instance where you are renting a property, the owner of the property must submit a sworn statement that you do, in fact, live there. Likewise, in instances where you reside in an informal or rural settlement, you will need a sworn statement from your ward councillor or municipality to confirm your residential address.

Should you need assistance in this regard or require any clarification, please feel free to contact Dieter Reichert on 028 313 5033 or Patrick Africa on 028 313 8166.


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