Feedback on Management Plan of the Pringle Bay Baboon Troop

Feedback on Management Plan of the Pringle Bay Baboon Troop

The Overstrand Municipality Baboon Management team will be implementing a selection of the planned methods in Pringle Bay, during the first week of June.

These will include the use of a Skid Unit (aka a ‘Bakkie Sakkie’), as well as Strobing Spotlights, to deter the troop from perching and sleeping on roofs and balconies in town. Primers (and possibly bangers) will also be implemented, in order to block the troop from coming back into town.

Lastly, the possible usage of a drone, to move the troop out of town, may be tested during this period as well.

Residents are reminded that this is an adaptive management approach, which will be trailed, tested and adjusted in the coming weeks and months.

Updates as to the progress and adaptations of the management plan will be shared with residents on a regular basis, once the plan starts in June.

The information document of the Adaptive Management Plan (dated 29 April 2024), may be viewed on the Pringle Bay Ratepayers Association website ( Alternatively go to, click on the General Info tab and click on OM’s Baboon Management Plan for Pringle Bay.

Credit: Breyton April, PB Eco-Ranger Supervisor
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