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Overstrand residents currently receiving or who may qualify to receive an indigent grant are called upon to verify their information before 31 December 2021.  As we are aware that current subsidy holders may have received the subsidy in contravention of the approved Indigent Policy, we want to create an opportunity where subsidy holders can come forward and voluntarily declare this without being penalised.

One of the conditions of the Policy is that residents who are owners of more than one property, or don’t reside on the property on which the subsidy has been approved, may have to repay the subsidy received, to the Municipality. 

Do not despair, all is not lost:

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This is the ideal time to turn attention and efforts to cleaning up our environment.
Every piece of litter that is carelessly discarded, eventually makes its way down rivers and streams to our oceans.

As the weather warms up, head outdoors and make a difference where you live, work or play.

Even the smallest action makes a difference.

Volunteer beach clean-up planned for Overstrand

As part of the International Coastal Clean-up Day on Saturday, 18 September, Overstrand Municipality’s Environmental Management Section is planning a clean-up operation along its coastline on Wednesday, 15 September 2021.

To that end residents, businesses and schools, are urged to assist with cleaning the local beaches and waterways.

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We received numerous requests from residents asking what trees to plant on their property.

According to the Tree Policy, the following trees are well adopted to our area:

  • Curtisia Dentata (assegai/assegaai)
  • Cunonia Capensis (red alder/rooi els)
  • Harpephyllum Caffrum (sour plum/suurpruim)
  • Kiggelaria Africana (wild peach/wilde perske)
  • Nuxia Floribunda (forest elder/bosvlier)
  • Olea Europaea Subsp. Africana (wild olive/olienhout)
  • Rhus Lancea (sweet karee/swartkaree)
  • Rhus Pendulina (river karee/witkaree)
  • Sideroxylon Inerme (milkwood/melkhout)
  • Syzygium Guineense (water pear/waterpeer)
  • Tarchonanthus Littoralis (coastal champhor bush/kus wildekanferbos)
  • Trichelia Emetica (natal mahogany/rooi essenhout)
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Several complaints were received by residents about what is perceived to be abnormally high municipal services accounts over the last few days. The readings for the latest municipal account made it appear as though consumption of services, specifically electricity and water, were higher than normal compared to those of the previous months.

In many instances it will be as a consequence of the number of days included in the reading period (e.g. 38 days, etc). However, residents can be assured that the billing system will still calculate the consumption at the correct sliding scale tariff taking the additional days above 30 days into account.

In some instances residents may not have taken into account the increase of 14.59% for electricity charges on their municipal account.

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Please note all vaccination sites in the Overberg District have received ample vaccines and can help walk-in clients. If you are older than 18, please visit your nearest vaccine site.

If you have difficulty registering on EVDS, we will assist you at the vaccination site.