DISPOSING OF YOUR RUBBISH: How much refuse am I allowed to put out?

DISPOSING OF YOUR RUBBISH: How much refuse am I allowed to put out?

Only one x 240-litre bin (wheely-bin), or four bags of household refuse, of which only one may be a garden refuse bag, can be placed on the pavement.

Should more than one bag of garden refuse be placed out, though, it will not be removed since this will then be deemed to be garden refuse the resident should personally take to their nearest transfer station, garden waste drop-off or Gansbaai landfill site for chipping.

For every clear plastic bag placed out by a household, a new one will be supplied as replacement. There is no limitation on the number of recycling bags (plastic, glass, metal and paper) that may be put out with the refuse.

Please place your bin or bags on the pavement at 07:00 in the morning on the relevant day of collection only.

Remember, all bins used in baboon-affected areas should be baboon-proof and locked.

For your convenience, the municipal transfer stations and public drop-off facilities and Gansbaai Landfill site are also open during weekdays, Saturdays and public holidays.

The Karwyderskraal Regional Landfill site which is operated by Overberg District Municipality (ODM) is open every weekday and closed on weekends. Please note you need to first have registered with the ODM prior to delivering waste to the Karwyderskraal site otherwise you will be denied entry at the gate and not be allowed to dispose of your waste.

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