City Nature Challenge 2023 up for grabs

City Nature Challenge 2023 up for grabs

Overstrand will once again take part in this year’s annual bioblitz of the City Nature Challenge (CNC) from 28 April to 1 May 2023.

The purpose of this bioblitz worldwide event is to record as many living species as possible within designated areas across the globe, as well as to engage the public in citizen science and nature learning – to increase biodiversity awareness and encourage citizens to actively contribute to the understanding of where plants, animals, and fungi occur as well as pin-pointing invasive or threatened species.

According to Sandy Immelman, Overstrand Bioblitzing Facilitator, “we will need everyone on board to photograph living creatures and plants in our area over the four days and load the photos to the iNaturalist app (there are plenty of easy videos to watch if you’re new to this app).”

“Our neighbours, the Overberg, will also be participating – so if you happen to be in their area during this time, please continue to capture observations – this is all about making a difference together,” she added.

Remember, no special knowledge or skills are required as engagement, fun and learning are the key principles. This is great for families, kids, organisations and groups. All you need is the free iNaturalist app to make an account or you can use the website: and the rest is easy. Just use your phone or camera to take photos of all living things during the days and nights (remember nocturnal animals, moths, etc.) of the event.

Anything living is acceptable (other than humans and pets) e.g. plants, animals, insects, fish, fungi, shellfish, crustaceans, birds etc. and even evidence of living things is acceptable e.g. shells, animal tracks, feathers, scat, bones etc.

In addition, the Overstrand Bioblitzing Organisers are calling on those who are specialists in their field/s to help with identifying the observations during the four days of the bioblitz as well as for a week after the observation period.

City Nature Challenge 2023 important dates:

  • Make and share observations: April 28 – May 1
  • Upload all your observations: April 28 – May 7
  • Help with identifications: April 28 – May 7
  • Anticipate final results: May 8

Overstrand Councillor Clinton Lerm, Mayoral Committee Member of Investment & Infrastructure, said the Overstrand took part in the CNC for the first time last year and came 14th in the world. Last year Overstrand came first in the Great Southern Bioblitz (only for the southern hemisphere). “Let’s continue to share our fantastic biodiversity with the world. Some great places to start are your own backyard, beachcombing the seashore, rockpools, local parks, mountain trails, spotlighting at night, moths around your porch lights at night, rivers and estuaries and many more,” he said.

Please join the projects on – CNC 2023 Overstrand and Overberg, read the Project Journal for tips and info and book the dates.  Follow them on Facebook: Overstrand Bioblitzing and iNaturalist – Southern Africa.

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