Baboons and your garbage

Baboons and your garbage

Dealing responsibly with waste is one of the simple ways we can contribute to the health and well-being of wildlife and our own families.

The municipal solid waste team work to a set schedule and visit different areas at different times of the week, picking up household rubbish and waste. We request residents not to place their refuse bags and wheelie bins out before 07:00 on the day scheduled for collection. Days remain the same regardless of public holidays.

We also ask that you respect the environment and not to leave bags outside on non- collection days because baboons, birds, dogs and cats are having a field day, resulting in rubbish being strewn and blown all over the place.

Remember, it is illegal to feed baboons and you can receive a fine if you give them access to food;

even if it is food you do not want anymore.

Always keep your food hidden away and out of sight – remember baboons are clever and inquisitive, please store your food properly.

All households in baboon affected areas must have an animal proof bin for domestic waste. Baboon-resistant 240-litre Wheelie bins with locks can be purchased at the municipal offices and will be delivered to your home. Alternatively, bins can be bought at any hardware store and baboon proof locks can be fitted, at an additional charge, on your existing bin.

Baboon Hotline

The dedicated BABOON HOTLINE NUMBER for reporting baboons in Hermanus is 072 028 0008.

Residents are encouraged to phone the hotline number to report any baboon sightings.

Pro-active measures and responses to possible baboon encounters

•    Baboons will keep returning if they find rewards.
•    Encourage everyone in your community to use the correct bins.
•    If renting your house, advise tenants how to manage the situation, particularly if they have children or pets.
•    Keep fruit bowls and food items out of sight, away from windows.
•    Know your refuse day, take responsibility for securing your bin.
•    Join your local Whatsapp group for Baboon Alerts
•    Always set your house alarm as you leave. Close all windows.
•    Young baboons can access a gap 5cm or larger.
•    Baboons can open sliding doors and pull down door handles. They do not know how to turn round doorknobs.
•    Appoint a close neighbour or friend in town to be key holder.
•    If baboons enter your house, make way so they exit unhindered.
•    Always treat baboons with caution, do not corner them as they may become aggressive when they feel threatened.
•    Keep pets away in a locked room until all baboons have left.
•    Never threaten baboons or take food items from them.
•    Warn children to drop food items and move away, if approached by a baboon.
•    Avoid leaving domestic pets outside for extended periods when you are out.
•    Security beams in the garden provide early warnings.
•    Pick ripe fruit from fruiting trees daily.
•    Vegetable gardens, bird feeders, dog food bowls and uncovered compost heaps attract baboons.
•    Do not put bird seed out on your lawn. This is one of the biggest attractions for the baboons.
•    Let the baboons know that you do not want them in your home, shout at them, act confidently and always ensure the baboon has a clear escape route.
•    Do not leave your car outside if you are able to park it under cover. Baboons jumping from the house to the car may cause damage.

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