Baboon management – Hermanus Heights, Voëlklip and Fernkloof

Baboon management – Hermanus Heights, Voëlklip and Fernkloof

Overstrand Municipality is aware of unusually high levels of baboon vocalisations at night along the cliffs above the suburbs of Hermanus Heights, Voëlklip and Fernkloof.

The service provider, Human Wildlife Solutions (HWS), has advised that an unidentified dispersing male is attempting to join the Voëlklip Troop.  Dispersing behaviour occurs when male baboons come of age and seek a new troop which naturally forms part of ‘passing’ on their genes. 

Vocalisations form part of territorial behaviour which, in this instance, explains the ‘noise’ from the baboons along the cliffs above town. 

Residents from Hermanus Heights, Voëlklip and Fernkloof may also have noticed that single baboons have entered town (twice to our knowledge) during the night recently. 

The 24/7 dedicated baboon hotline number for reporting baboon issues and incidents for the Eastern Region (Hermanus/Voëlklip) is 072 028 0008.

HWS Baboon Rangers are able to attend to call-outs in daylight hours only, however, calls and information assist with planning their ongoing process of encouraging the troop to forage on natural vegetation as opposed to engaging in house incursions for human derived foodstuff, which is not natural or good for the baboons.

Residents are encouraged to phone the hotline number to report any baboon sightings.

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