Water Restrictions still in force

Water Restrictions still in force

In an on-going attempt to preserve our water resources, Overstrand Municipality appeals to all Hermanus residents to reduce water use until reservoir levels have stabilised, which could take another week at the earliest.

Water restrictions have not been lifted and remain in place in the Greater Hermanus (from Benguela Cove through Fisherhaven to Voëlklip) and Kleinmond area (Ward 9) until further notice. Other administrative areas within Overstrand are not affected by these measures.

Residents are asked to take short showers instead of baths, to hand-wash dishes, reduce the frequency of toilet flushing and re-using shower water, and turn off the tap while brushing teeth and/or shaving.

One of the easiest ways to reduce water consumption is to cut back on water guzzling activities like doing laundry in washing machines and turning off the irrigation system.

The only way we can avoid stricter water restrictions is if all residents and visitors join in the savings drive and immediately reduce their consumption.

  • Water may only be used for drinking, cooking, and washing.
  • Only flush toilets when necessary.
  • Refrain from using automatic washing machines.
  • Car washing is prohibited.
  • Gardens are not allowed to be watered with municipal water.
  • Swimming pools may not be filled with municipal water.
  • No hose pipes will be permitted using municipal water.

All well points and boreholes must be registered at the office of the area manager, and consumers must ensure that they display the appropriate signage to this effect, clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.

Please stock up on bottled water and assist us in ensuring that the little water we have can last as long as possible until the bulk water supplies have been restored.

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