Municipal grass cutting cycle begins soon

Municipal grass cutting cycle begins soon

Overstrand Municipality will implement its grass-cutting cycle from 1 November 2023 again after the Municipality announced that the daisies (wildflowers) won’t be mowed during spring for the second year running.

The decision to stop the mowing for two months, is because the wildflowers, including the geophytes (bulbs), set seed for the following year’s flowers.

However, the grass in open spaces looks untidy and the Municipality is receiving numerous complaints about the unkept appearance of the parks and road reserves, cemeteries and public open spaces.

As interim solution, the Parks Department will start mowing a perimeter of 1 to 2 meters around the open spaces and, in areas where the grass exceeds 50cm in height, use the mower at its maximum height for a more controlled and less disruptive approach. 

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