Capture of baboon in Pringle Bay

Capture of baboon in Pringle Bay

We note with concern the post on EMS Foundation’s Facebook page that a death warrant has been issued for a baboon in Pringle Bay. We assume that this relates to the efforts of the Overstrand Municipality to capture and relocate the male baboon, known as Blue Tag, to its natal troop in Gordon’s Bay, which commenced earlier today, 20 September 2023. We urge EMS to please supply us with proof of the death warrant issued, as certainly we are not aware of such warrant. The Municipality followed due protocol and obtained the necessary permits from Cape Nature to hunt, capture and transport a wild animal. These permits were issued with specific conditions to ensure the well-being of the baboon in the execution of the capture as well as transport thereof.

We observed that KVET (Kogelberg Villages Environmental Trustees) interfered in this operation by illegally driving the animal into the mountain. Please note that this is an illegal action as KVET does not have the necessary permits to manage baboons. They have been known to interfere with the baboon management programme for quite some time now and the Municipality urges Cape Nature to take firmer action against them than just a verbal warning. This interference was further confirmed by a resident in the area which stated in a message that KVET “has done well to change the behaviour of Blue Tag”.

It is a well-known fact that Mayor Rabie does not support euthanasia and to make an unsubstantiated public statement that a death warrant has been issued, while knowing that it is devoid of any truth, is simply disingenuous, seditious and sensation seeking. We demand that this statement be withdrawn, and a public apology be issued to the Mayor and the Municipality.

The Mayor must take the well-being of all residents into account when decisions are taken, and in this case, there were serious complaints and concerns about the well-being of the elderly residents and children in this area being harassed and attacked by habituated baboons.

The Municipality also gave notice of its intent to remove the baboon named Blue Tag in a post, dated 25 August 2023, hence today’s operation should not come as a surprise and thus the actions of KVET is seen as a deliberate attempt to stop the Municipality from removing the baboon.

It is trusted that the successful capture, transportation and release of Blue Tag will be completed today.

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