Overstrand Municipality Notices

pdf Erven 42,43,44,45 Hawston (MN103 2017) Proposed Consolidation, Subdivision, Rezoning, Consent USe (22 downloads) Download (pdf, 234 KB)
pdf Erf 5558 Northcliff MN96_2017 Proposed Removal of Restrictive Conditions & Consent Use (28 downloads) Download (pdf, 233 KB)
pdf Whale Coast Mall (MN97_2017) Proposed amendment of conditions of approval (31 downloads) Download (pdf, 234 KB)
archive Advert for the amendment of contract SC867B/2010 & Information Statement (30 downloads) Download (zip, 150 KB)
pdf Erf 102 Westcliff Removal of restrictive conditions & Consent Use (128 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 231 KB)
pdf Erf 3518 Onrus River Removal of restrictive conditions,Subdivision,Departure (129 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 109 KB)
archive SC1644/2015 - Advert for Amendment of Contract (supporting documents attached) (153 downloads) Popular Download (zip, 767 KB)
pdf Notice SCD2735/2014 and/or SC1634/2015: Comments on Notice of Amendment of existing Agreement with Esri (176 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 37 KB)
pdf Overstrand Municipality Sports Festival 2017 (176 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.92 MB)
pdf Erf 3054 Betty's Bay Proposed Removal of Restrictive Conditions & Consent Use MN36 2017 (216 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 235 KB)
pdf Erf 844 Sandbaai Proposed Removal of Restrictive Conditions & Subdivision MN15_2017 (208 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 107 KB)
pdf Erf 106 Rooiels, Proposed Removal of Restrictive Conditions, MN14,2017 (233 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 233 KB)
pdf Invitation for Comments with regard to Revision of the Overstrand Municipality By-law on Municipal Land Use Planning, 2016, The Overstrand Municipality Zoning Scheme, 2013 and the Incorporation of the Overlay Zone (199 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 20 KB)
pdf Invitation for Comments wrt Revision of By Law & Zoning Scheme MN157 2016 (358 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.68 MB)
pdf Erf 4773 Kleinmond - Rezoning, Subdivision, Departure (MN111 - 2016) (278 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 96 KB)
archive Register now - Unemployment Database 2016 (311 downloads) Popular Download (zip, 141 KB)
pdf Vote Again - New Ward Committees (376 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 93 KB)
pdf Inaugural Meeting of the Overstrand Municipal Council (346 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 54 KB)
pdf Overstrand Municipality Erven 2529 & 2530, Clarence Drive, Betty's Bay, Overstrand Municipality Area: Proposed Removal of Restrictive Conditions and Exemption of Subdivision & Consolidation: Plan Active (obo DP & LA SECCOME AND RC COPE) (342 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 206 KB)
pdf Notice in Terms of Section 116(3) of the local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (ACT 56 OF 2003) for the Proposed Ammendment of the existing lease agreement with MLC Trust, 6 Dirkie Uys Street Hermanus, for Office Accommodation. (320 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 80 KB)


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