Traffic & Law Enforcement

Introduction to Traffic Services

The aim and function of the Traffic Department is to educate and create a culture of voluntary compliance with road traffic rules and regulations and to enhance courteous and tolerant road user behaviour. We operate on the legal mandate of the NRTA 93/96 & NLTA 5/2009.

Our operational activities include roadblocks at strategic places, high visibility in hotspot areas, special intelligence driven operations, random vehicle check points, execution of traffic related warrants and enforcement of traffic laws. Our operational approaches is to co-ordinate and integrate operations, sporadic interventions in hotspot areas as per crime threat analysis e.g. offence patterns, etc. and special operations and speed enforcement in high accident frequency locations and high traffic offence locations.

Introduction to Security & Safety
The function of security and safety in the Overstrand Municipality is to provide a safe environment for the residents of the Overstrand and to ensure the safety of the personnel of the Overstrand Municipality through effective and efficient operationalisation of all relevant plans in conjunction with all public safety institutions.

Introduction to Law Enforcement
The aim of Law Enforcement in a municipality is to create an environment that will further the social and economic development of the community. Given that context the quality of life within a municipality depends to a large extent on the possibility that individuals and their families will be safe.  They will also feel safe while using public open spaces and equipment and that conflicts within communities can be resolved peacefully.  On a provincial level law is enforced by the South African Police Services.  They have an extremely heavy workload and therefore certain laws (By-laws) and laws applicable only to a particular municipality are enforced by the Law Enforcement Officers appointed within its area of jurisdiction.

Traffic and Law Enforcement

What do I do:

Planning and execution of a sustainable programme of the Road Traffic Act.

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