Overstrand traffic officials, law enforcement and the special task team, together with SAPS and Provincial Traffic Services will be manning joint road blocks during the December holiday season to ensure that only roadworthy vehicles and legally licensed drivers are using the roads.

Motorists are urged to avoid overloading and to also ensure that every bus, taxi or charter vehicle has a valid operating licence and the correct permit conditions.

Transport drivers must adhere to specific regulations which are set out in the National Land Transport Act and regular spot checks of all vehicles will be carried out.

If you're making use of paid transport, please make sure they meet all necessary requirements.

When somebody is found to operate illegal transport services they’ll be fined and their vehicles will be impounded.

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1190136899 - This is the correct Nedbank account number for Overstrand Municipal Account Payments.

This account is solely for the payment of monthly municipal accounts. The payment must include the 12-numerical digit account number as the reference.

Overstrand Municipality appeals to all ratepayers to make sure they switch their payment details from the old Absa account to the new Nedbank account.

Ratepayers who pay accounts via the internet are urged to update their beneficiary details and to use the new, correct bank account details (Nedbank, Account number 1190136899) when paying their monthly municipal account.

Legislation compels a municipality to renew the tender for banking every five years.

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On 20 and 21 November 2019, Overstrand Municipality will host a Thusong Mobile outreach programme at the Moffat Hall in Mount Pleasant from 08:00 - 15:00.

The programme aims to bring services closer to the people and Overstrand residents can get access to various government departments and services, including information on housing.

Here is your opportunity to do health tests and get some career guidance etc.

Community members can also ask about SASSA grants.

Looking ahead to a joyful December and smashing summer

As a holiday destination, Overstrand has no equal when it comes to enjoying nature at its best with loads of outdoor activities to suit anyone's fancy.

The Overstrand Municipality is exceptionally proud that four of its beaches - Grotto, Hawston, Kleinmond and Castle Beach (Pearly Beach) are among the 45 South African beaches that have been accredited this year to display the BLUE FLAG.

These beaches have earned Blue Flag status for the upcoming 2019/20 holiday season which opens officially on 1 December 2019.

The Municipality was further granted Pilot Blue Flag status for another one of its beaches, namely Onrus Beach.

Pilot beaches are not required to comply with all Blue Flag criteria yet, but must work towards meeting fundamental elements like water quality standards within a two year period to stand a chance to ultimately acquire full Blue Flag status.

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Invasive alien plants (IAPs) are a serious problem and they have spread rapidly in the Overstrand, impacting resident species diversity and ecosystem processes.

Without natural enemies, these plants reproduce and spread quickly, taking valuable water and space from our indigenous plants.

Many alien plants consume more water than local plants, depleting our valuable water resources.

Thick alien vegetation can also provide fuel for veldfires.

There are 559 alien species listed as weeds and invaders and another 560 species are listed as prohibited and may not be introduced into South Africa.

Below is a brief explanation of the four categories of Invasive Alien Plants as per the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, 1983 (Act No.43 of 1983).

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