LoveAbility Functional Arts and Crafts in Hawston is affiliated to the Overberg Wheelchair Association and it is a group of people with disabilities who create functional art, gifts, crafts and other goodies in support of the disabled community of Hermanus.








The 'no swimming' advisory for the Klein River estuary at the eastern end of Grotto Beach and directly in from of the Hermanus Scout Camp, was lifted yesterday, 22 December 2022 and the lagoon is open for recreational activities.

According to the Overberg District Municipality's Health Department, who is responsible for recreational water quality for estuaries, the signage board can be removed as they are satisfied that the water is safe for public recreational use.

The warning signage was erected on 19 December 2022 due to a sewage spill at the municipal pump station inside the Hermanus Scout Camp near the mouth of the Klein River estuary.


A full case history of four male baboons have been brought to the Baboon Management Joint Task Team who is led by experienced members of Cape Nature, DEA&DP and Independent scientific advisors. 

The four males have been living in the town of Pringle Bay since as far back as October 2021. The most recent male has joined the area in July 2022. 

All four males have been identified with raiding behaviour and spending most of their time living in town.  Other more severe incidents recorded were raiding food directly from people and even opening car doors as well as windows and doors to enter and raid homes even when people are present.

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Let love be the light that guides the way

At the heart of our festivities around this time of the year lies a core message: goodwill.

And it is in the spirit of that message that my fervent wish for this Festive Season is that all of us will uncover the true meaning of love anew.

If we can bestow goodwill - a gift that is so dear yet costs so little – we will truly be able to embody the spirit of unconditional love that is such a crucial part of building the caring communities, we all long for.

Bestowing goodwill simply implies that we will respect one another, be just in our dealings with one another and be that trustworthy, responsible person the next person can rely on.

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The Fire Danger rating predicts how a fire would behave if one started, including how difficult it would be to control.

The five possible Fire Danger Index (FDI) ratings are your trigger to be prepared and act.

These are:
• SAFE (Blue)
• MODERATE (Green)
• DANGEROUS (Yellow)

When you see a "RED" day on the Fire Danger Index, know that there is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS warning for runaway wildfires.

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