Amnesty Notice to all Indigent Subsidy Households

Overstrand residents currently receiving or who may qualify to receive an indigent grant are called upon to verify their information before 31 December 2021.  As we are aware that current subsidy holders may have received the subsidy in contravention of the approved Indigent Policy, we want to create an opportunity where subsidy holders can come forward and voluntarily declare this without being penalised.

One of the conditions of the Policy is that residents who are owners of more than one property, or don’t reside on the property on which the subsidy has been approved, may have to repay the subsidy received, to the Municipality. 

Do not despair, all is not lost:

The Overstrand Municipality offers indigent residents an opportunity of amnesty. Residents who have not occupied, or who are not occupying the property as his/her primary residence, or those who were, or who are, the registered owner of more than one property can make use of the window period (1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021) to report any transgressions, in writing, to the Municipality.

The Municipality is also implementing a retrospective exemption of the recovery of any indigent subsidy payment to a customer prior to 30 June 2021, in conflict with the following requirements in terms of this policy –

  • occupation of the property by the recipient of an indigent benefit, as primary residence;
  • the recipient of an indigent benefit in terms of this policy may not be the registered owner of more than one property.

Share the message with loved ones and please contact the Municipality urgently before 31 December 2021 to avoid the reversal and collection of the previously awarded subsidy.

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or contact number 028 313 8912 / 028 313 8027 / 028 313 8933 / 028 313 5060 /028 313 8042



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